Monday, August 2, 2010

Martha Stewart Punches Card

Like many of you, I watched the HSN launch of the Martha Stewart Crafts which included the MS Cricut Cake Machine. While I didn't buy a Cricut Cake (I was very tempted though), I did buy a cartridge and a set of punches. I used the punches, called the Spring Collection, to make this card.

Let me just tell you, when I saw them demonstrate the Deep Edge Punch, I was sold! The set included 4 punches, most of which you can find in Michael's but for a much higher price. I contemplated getting them with coupons but it would take me a while to get them all that way. So I bought them and boy am I glad I did.

The Deep Edge Punch does exactly what it's name implies - it cuts deep into the paper for a beautiful edge. I used it to make the white flowers/circles on the card. But the punch only cuts one side. The way to make this beautiful border is to cut a strip of paper 2 1/2" wide and punch one side of the paper. Then you turn the paper over and around and punch the other side starting on your original end. It takes a little practice to line the inital second side punch up perfectly but once you get it, the affect is spectacular!

The second punch I used is the Stamp and Punch in the butterfly. This punch comes with 3 coordinating butterfly detail stamps in a little compartment on top of the punch. You can use those to punch different designs on cardstock. Then you take your punch, line it up with our stamped image and punch out your design. This is really an ingenious tool in the flexibility that it gives you. I really like this punch a lot. I punched out 5 butterflies, glueing some to the paper completely while others I lifted up the wings.

The last thing I did was cut the sentiment out with the MS Elegant Cake Art Cart. I really love this cart. Once cut, I glittered them with the MS Fine Glitter in Onyx and glued it down on the card.

I wasn't quite sure how this card was going to come together but I am pleased as punch with the final result. Thanks for looking, leave me some love and be blessed!


The Scrappin' Delta Diva

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  1. Okay I think this card is beautiful. I especially like the butterflies, BUT I LOVE LOVE the frame you displayed it in. It makes it look like a work of art!