Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mother's Day Card w/ Florals Embellished

Hey everyeone!  I have been playing with my one of my new toys - Florals Embellished Cartridge.  I just love it!  The cuts are so multi-layerd which adds to the beauty and texture of them. 

So here is a project I made entirely from this cart.  The cart is geared towards celebration of mother's so I made a Mother's Day Card.  The cut is and all it's layers.  I used the sentiment from and it cut beautifully.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

One more thing - I used the Criss Cross embossing folder for the pink background paper.

While working with this cartridge, I realized something and made a little video to share the tip.  Enjoy!
Until next time...


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Revisting the Cricut Stampede Through Pictures

The 1st Cricut Stampede will go down in my personal history as one of the best times I have ever had!  The fun, creativity and friendship still have me on cloud 9.  I hope that everyone has an opportunity to experience this kind of euphoria in their lives.

So it should be no surprise that I have been looking at my photos from the event trying to recapture that feeling.  So many new friends.  So many new techniques.  So much love!  I hope you all can fell it, too, in these pictures.

Friday Night

Everybody is all set up.  This was an awesome site to see!

2 Cricuteers getting in the spirit of the weekend

Circlettes linging up for the Circle Meetup

Shannon and Janna B inside the meetup

Teresa Collins talking to us at the meetup.  We got a sneak peak at some upcoming stuff that will make everyone's tongue hangout!


I took Teresa Collins' Notations class and it was so much fun.  She is so personable and her story of how she got into this business is very inspiring.

Cover of one of TC's books.  The cover opens sideways and flips up.  Genius!

Another beautiful and lush page from TC

Me and Teresa.  Another highlight for me!

There was a post on the MB about getting help with sewing on cards.  I replied that Cindy Royal wouls be at the Stampede and we should ask her for some help.  I ended up sitting with Bling Dazzler (the poster of the post) and here Cindy is giving us an impromptu class.  It was fabulous!  Thanks Cindy!!!!

Inside the Cricut Cowboy Dinner on Saturday night

Here we are doing the Cupid Shuffle

... and the Macarena!

And what would a Cowboy dinner be with out a little Cotton Eyed Joe?!

At about 2 AM, Elizabeth (aka Makeup Girl 217) gave Bling Dazzler and myself an impromptu class on making flowers with UTEE.  We fell in love!  Such a sweetheart for doing that with us!!!!

I spent this day going around looking at all the table decorations.  Here is the lone man in the entire Stampede.  His decorations were the cutest I saw!  He was working in the "Scrap Yard"!!!!  How cute is that?!?!?!

Here's another setup.  I love the baby pink boots!

Here's Mama C's Cricut Mansion before those #$%& criminals broke into their car.  Makes me so mad!!!

Anybody for a Cajun Crawfish Boil?!

Cricut Creek Crossing

The weekend was full of impropmtu classes.  Here is Shannon giving us a class on the YuDu.  I had been wanting one for a while.  But after her class, I am so glad I won one at the dinner the night before!!!

Showing us how to work the ink on the screen

The 4 Musketeers!
Robin (Delta Scrapper), Kim (Bling Dazzler), Stefani (Stefani) and Miro (brand new Criclette)

There were so many more great pictures but this post is long enough already.  So I will stop here.  For those of you that weren't able to make it this year, start saving now because this is an event you don't want to miss.  Until next time...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calling All Cards!!!!!!

Hey there my crafty peeps!  Yep!  I'm still talking about the Stampede.  Not just to you all, but to everyone I see!  That's just how much fun I had.

As every Circlette knows, when you go to a Circle event, you must take Calling Cards.  While I know I made over 100 cards (which means I would get about that many in return), I was not prepared for the magnitude of genius and creativity that went into some of these cards.  The pain staking details was enormous!  The cards were like little gifts you kept receiving all weekend.  Here are some pics of cards I received.

Here they are laid out on the table.  They almost cover my entire breakfast table!

Here's a closer look at one of the top quadrants. 

Here's the other top quadrant.  That's Admin Becky's card in the top left corner with the cauldron and cat.

Bottom left quadrant.  Sassy Lady's card was see through!!!!!

Bottom Right quadrant

Thanks to all my circlettes for trading cards with me and giving me inspiration.  Now I'm off to design my next card!!!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cricut Circle Pre-Stampede Luncheon

We had a fantastic time at the Cricut Circle Pre-Stampede Luncheon!  I am so glad I had a part in planning this event.  The night before, I was nervous and anxious wondering if I had covered all the bases and hoping everyone would have a great time.  Wel, I worried for nothing because I don't think the luncheon could have gone any better!  It was great to put real faces to MB names; to actually get to see and touch the people we have all come to know and love through the message boards.  There just is no replacement for that!

I took lots of pics so let's get started!

Circlettes waiting patiently for the luncheon to start

The doors have opened and the Circlettes start to swarm!

Debbie and Mike chatting it up while Janna B has a conversation with another Circlette

Me with Joy and Melanie, 2 of the Hello Thursday Girls

The food was delicious!

Sherrif Mike shares some information with us about Provo Craft

2 of my new Cricut Homies - Kim and Stefani

There were some good prizes that were given away.  As you can tell from our faces, Rina and I were wanting this cartridge for ourselves! 

Yes ladies!  That is the coveted Pink Journey cartridge.  Jan, you are a lucky lady!

Debbie, Rina, myself and Mike at the end of the luncheon

I have to send a big Texas-sized Thank You to Rina and Debbie for making the 3 of us an awesome team.  The event was a huge success and I am proud to have been a part of it.  Until next year....


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yee-Haw to the Cricut Stampede!!!

What a blast I had this weekend at The Cricut Stampede!!! I have so much to talk about so there will be all sorts of pics and chats this week about the event. All in all, it was a great event. The best thing about it? The new friendships that I made - so dear to my heart that it brought tears to my eyes. Shout out to Stefanie, Kim and Miro!

Second best thing - meeting my Crafty Crush Elizabeth aka Makeup Girl 217! I think God took his vat of sweetness, sincerety and genuineness and poured it all into her. I don't think you could ask for a more considerate, compassionate or patient person. Smooches to you Elizabeth!!!!

Like I said, there will be lots more pics and info coming this week.



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm gettin' ready for a stampede! Cricut Stampede that is!!!!

My Spring Break has started off well!  I just returned from a trip to Atlanta.  Now I am back and in full swing preparing for the Cricut Stampede this weekend.  Cricut Circle members make calling cards to trade at swarms.  I designed mine a couple of weeks ago and finally collected all the papers, cut everything out and put them together.

But I knew I wouldn't, or rather couldn't, stop there.  I decided to make a name plate and a placemat for my table at the swarm.  Here are the details.

  • Everyday Cricut (Circle Exclusive) - circle bug head, name plate base, "o" in Robin
  • 50 States - Texas
  • Sugar and Spice Lite - scaalloped square
  • George and Basic Shape - triangles
  • Base Camp - Name
Calling Card
Since my MB name and blog name is Delta Scrapper, I had to include that in my design in some kind of way.  So I created a delta symbol by layering two triangles, one slightly smaller than the other, on my Gypsy to make the symbol.  I also wanted to add a feminine base so I cut some scalloped squares to lay on top of the 3x3 base.  I added a small Texas and bug head to finish the design.

Here's a trick to make sure everything fits - I put a 3x3 square on my Gypsy to use as my card base template.  I then tested all the layers on this template to "see" how the card would look assembled.


I love the Cricut Everyday cart!  I was thumbing through the book when I saw the name plate.  I new I had to make one of these for my table at the Stampede.  I pretty much continued my theme from the calling cards on to this project.  I modified the card base a little by hiding the slits that would have held the blue card in place and making the bug head bigger.  I also slid the bug head around the Texas so it could hug it.  I then layered the delta on top and glued it on the edge of the card. 

I welded the letters of my name together on my Gypsy (it is 2 different fonts) and layered a green bug head on top of the white one.


Everything is bigger in Texas!  So I made a bigger version of all the elements in my projects for a placemat.  I laminated it so any glue or ink won't stick to it. 
I can't wait to display these items on my table at the Stampede.  Look for me and my goodies!!!  Later Crafty People!!!!!