Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Toss Basket 2012

Hi everyone!  I have been crafting this Fall quite a bit.  But as usual, my crafts go out to others and many times I have forgotten to take pictures.  But this time I didn't.

I am fortunate to work at a school who values everyone's contribution to making the school a success.  Each year at Thanksgiving, different departments are assigned a custodian to make a Turkey Toss Basket for.  We bring traditional Thanksgiving food items and anything else we want to make our basket the best of the competition.  For my department, I volunteer my crafty services to put our basket togther.  Here is a picture of my creation this year.

Here's how I put the basket together.  I bought a large utility tub from Lowes.  I cut the word "Drinks" out of outdoor vinyl in maroon and gold which are our school colors.  I used my Cricut and the Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art Cartridge for the fonts and to cut the vinyl.

Once I applied the vinyl (this was my first time double layering vinyl - I need some more practice! : ), I stuffed the bottom of the tub with newspaper to build it up.  I then laid a piece of orange burlap on top of the newspaper.  Then, I layered in the food and household items.  I took a plush fall garland and wrapped it around the rim of the basket. 

To take our basket to the next level and keep the whole family involved, I made a "Bucket of Fun" for the kids.  It included some coloring books, a few toys and supplies to make Thanksgiving cupcakes.  I decorated the bucket with text messages and speech bubbles from the Smiley Cards Cartridge.  I then cut "bucket of fun" from the Martha Stewart Elegant Cart Art Cartridge.

UPDATE:  I just wanted everyone to know that we did indeed win the contest!  I really do have an awesome team that I work with.  Yeah us!!!!

Thanks everyone for checking out my post.  Leave me some blog love and until next time...