Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas, The Lone Star State Pennant

I'm back again with another project this week!  My scissors and cricut machine are getting some miles put on them this week.  I'm entering another contest on the Cricut Circle and this time we had to create a pennant that represented our state, country or province.  Here is my project.

Carts and Materials
  • 50 States - shape of Texas, Bluebonnet
  • Birthday Bash - Pennant
  • George and Basic Shapes - star
  • Indie Art - rose
  • Old West - font, hat, boot, longhorn, cards
The background of the pennant is the Texas State Flag.  To make the star more dimensional, I pinched each point and then put pop dots on the back to raise it up.  I cut the title shadow twice to make it standout more.  I like the old west typeface which harkens back to the state's history.

I hand drew a map on the green Texas shape.  It shows some of the most popular cities with a small shout out to Frisco where I live.  I also included the official (Bluebonnet) and unofficial (Yellow Rose) flowers of Texas.  They are tied together in friendship.  The Spanish word for Texas is Tejas, which means friendship.

The cards represent Texas Hold 'Em, the most popular form of poker.  An no self respecting cowboy would ever be caught without their well worn boots and trusty hat.

Longhorn cattle are legendary in Texas and also the mascot of The University of Texas.  And you will need a lasso to catch one or practice your trick roping.

I used lots of pop dots on this project so I hope it gets to Utah in one piece.  Thanks for checking out my post and sharing this project with me.  I hope you will leave me some blog love!  Until next time...



  1. Love your pennant! Such a great representation! Good luck!

  2. What an awesome pennant you did a great job!

  3. love it!!! you are so super creative! And, thank you for listing me a Diva you follow! Up gonna be doing a lot more posts! Soon!