Friday, July 29, 2011

I Want My Own - Gifts For My Wine and Whine Party

I am having a girlfriends gathering at my house that I am calling Wine and Whine.  It's a time for us together together and just destress and let off some steam.  I asked everyone to bring their favorite bottle of wine and I am providing all the yummy appetizers (I love to entertain!). 

When you have a group of women together and drinks are involved, you can forget whose glass is whose.  So I made monogrammed wine glasses for all my guests!

Carts and Materials
  • Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art - font
  • Cindy Loo - flourishes
  • Vinyl - Cricut Vinyl in red, pink and black

It took me a couple of times to get this right.  I found these glasses at the dollar store and the vessel is a really good size.  My first cut of vinyl was too large.  It went down to the bottom part of the glass and therefore started to ripple and curl.  I also started with a frame around the letter which also was not a good idea.

I traded the frame for accent flourishes and made the monogram smaller.  I used 4 different flourishes to make them a little different from each other.  I cut my "R" out of red vinyl and used pink for all the others.

These glasses came together quickly and easily.  I hope you have enjoyed this project and I am sure these glasses will get some miles put on them this evening!



  1. The flourishes absolutely add so much to the monograms! Just beautiful! I know they will be a hit!

  2. They turned out really pretty. Your friends will love them!

  3. Wow! What a totally cool idea!! Your friends are so lucky! And I love the idea of a wine & whine party! I wish I was coming!! Haha!!

    Amy E.

  4. Can I come? This sound like it going to be a lot of fun ......Love the theme of the party and espeically love what you did to those wine glasses!

  5. great idea for a party and great idea for the glasses! did they take them home with them?