Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lots of Blog Awards!

Hi everyone!  I have been so busy crafting away for gifts, contests and the like that I have forgotten to post some of the blog awards that I have received.  I hope all the awardees don't hold it against me.  Let's start the roll call.

No, you are not seeing double.  I received this award again from She's A Sassy Lady on June 26th.  I will never get tired of seeing this cutie because the desert looks soooo good!  Thanks Sassy Lady!

I received this award from The Cricut Couple on June 29th.  I love that they create and work on projects together.  That is so sweet to me! 

My super crafty friend Elizabeth gave me this award on July 9th.  Check out her blog on 217 Creations.  I have to tell you 5 crafty things about myself so here I go.

1.  I am just really starting to realize my creativity!
2.  I love to watch videos and deconstruct the projects in my head.
3.  I get my creativity from my mother who is super creativty herself.
4.  I truely believe that it is all about the details.
5.  I am giddy everyday when I wake up as I run to see what is new on the Cricut Message Boards.

Have a good one!


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