Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coasters for My Bunco Gift

In my last post, you saw decorations that I made for the 4th of July Bunco that I hosted at my house.  Everyone loved the decor but the project that took the cake were the custom coasters that I made.

I made 3 sets of 4 coasters for the "Necklace Winners" in my Bunco group.  Here's what you need to make a set of your own!

Carts and Materials
  • Kate's ABCs - font for wording
  • Home Accents - flourish
  • Vinyl - I used brown Cricut Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape - I used Cricut brand
  • 4x4 Travertine Tiles - I found these at Home Depot
  • Self Adhesive Felt - for backing on the coaster

Making these coasters is really pretty easy.  I used my G to put my design together.  I was able to get 9 sets on one mat.  The test really came when it was time to remove the backing from the mat.

Once you have your design together and cut out, "weed" out the extra pieces of vinyl you don't want that are in the middle of letters like O and E.  Put your transfer paper on to your mat, rub and remove your cut out image from the mat.*  Before you apply the image, you need to wipe off each tile with a damp sponge to remove the grit.

*I put a post on the Circle MB because I was having some problems removing my paper backing from my mat once my image was cut.  I learned a few things fron this post.
  1. Use the settings 3-3-3 when cutting vinyl (speed, pressure and blade depth).  This will give you a "kiss" cut that only cuts the vinyl and not the paper backing.
  2. Use an older mat, not a really sticky new one.  This makes it easy to remove the paper backing.
  3. Once your image is cut, remove the negative before you apply the transfer paper.  This makes it so much easier to lift your image off of your mat.
I applied squares of self adhesive felt on the bottom of each tile.  I chose to do this because the little circles seem to come off easily.  But you could certainly use thos if you like.  Once I had all the tiles ready, I wrapped a stack of 4 with a pretty red satin ribbon.

I may have created a problem for myself.  Once the gifts were opened, everyone wanted a set!  I hope you like these coasters and try making them when you need a quick gift.  Don't forget to leave me some blog love and I'll see you later!



  1. Those are wonderful. May have to lift this idea for a house warming gift!

  2. That is SO CUTE!!! I want to make some of these now! You rock, girl! Hugs, Joy