Monday, June 28, 2010

Diva Shoe Box

Hi everybody! As I have said before, I do more than scrapbooking and card making. I have always been into crafts and this project took me back to my roots. My anniversary is on my mother's birthday. They were both this past Saturday, June 26th. My mother (who has an extrodinary number of pairs of shoes!) had a birthday brunch called "Heels that Heal". She asked everyone to bring 2 pairs of shoes to donate to a women's shelter thrift store where she used to volunteer.
So in honor of her obsession and the party, I made this "Shoe Box" for her. There were lots of goodies inside like a journal and a set of 3X3 notecards that I made or altered. Here are the details.

  • Summer in Paris - shoes
  • Plantin Schoolbook - flowers
  • Mini Monograms - scalloped circles on the lid
First I painted the box black with a regular glossy black craft paint. I didn't waste paint on the are I knew would be covered with paper. When it was dry, I wrapped 6X24 band of paper around it (its 2 - 6X12 pieces that I connected). I punched the edges first to give it a little frilly look.

I cut small shadows of the shoes and glued them on the white band. I embellished them with some bling and they were done. I printed some "Made in..." tags on my computer and glued them on the box.

For the lid, I cut two scalopped circles, one smaller than the other and glued them on the lid. I wanted the large shoe I cut out of glitter paper to stand up so I made a "kickstand"out of a strip of black paper, glued it to the shoe and then stuck it to the lid. I covered up the attachment with 3-layer flowers held together with a brad.

The Journal - I buy things in the $1 bin all the time that I can alter and make personalized gifts. My mother had mentioned that she wanted to start back journaling so I decided to make her one to get her started. It was already black so I covered the cover with a piece of red paper. I then cut out a smaller matching shoe and glued it one. I had a few extra flowers so I attached those and called it done.

3X3 Notecards - I like to have a few little cards around when I am in a pinch. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give my mom some infused with a little whit. I googled some quotes with the "shoe" in them, typed them up on the computer, printed and cut them out. I did plan the cards out on the paper so that when I cut the card out, the quote was in the center. I made it 6 1/2 X 3 so that I could have a 1/2" fold over to keep the card closed. I punched out some scalopped circles with my SU! punch and added yet more shoes and bling. I made 6 total and banded them together. I saved the file so I could make more when she needs them.

  • When attaching anything to the painted surface of the box, I used Terrificly Tacky Tape. I needed something that would really hold.
  • I discovered a website called They have all kinds of quotes, some you can use in cards or anything else you need a quote for.

Thanks so much for looking. Leave me some blog love!



  1. Great blog and beautiful work, Soror!

  2. Robin, your work is just wonderful. You are very very talented. I love the shoe box and coordinating journal and note cards. I hope your mother loved them.