Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chipboard is everywhere!

So as I am finding out more and more of what my Cricut and my G can do, I am learning all kinds of great recylcing tips too! I have the deep cut blade and recently learned about using cereal boxes for chipboard. What a great way to reuse this box!

So I wanted to ask you: Where do you get your chipboard from? I got a package in the mail and realized that the envelope (FedEx, DHL, etc.) was made from chipboard. I would love to hear about what else I could recycle and save myself some money at the same time (that's more that I could spend on carts!). Please share!!


The Scrappin' Delta Diva

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  1. I get my chipboard from ... well I had gotten my chipboard from).. . I bought the 12x12 sheets of 25 for like $6.xx.. I have a nice supply and I probably won't need to buy any for a while.. Plus I have been saving my cereal boxes as well as shipping boxes.. I use those too.. and come to think of it.. I also use the cardboard backing the comes in paper packs from work,lol... Yes I do use a lot of recycled stuff..