Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Wreath

Hello crafty peeps!  I hope this post finds you enjoying some beautiful Fall weather.  Today, I am sharing with you all a Halloween Wreath that I made for my door.  I got the idea off of Pintrest (my newest addiction!).  I have been pinning for almost a year now and I can't get enough, espeically when I get inspiration like this!  Here is my version of the wreath.

Materials and Supplies
  • Foam circle (any size would work; this one is 14 in)
  • Black yarn
  • White Yarn
  • Halloween Picks (leaves, skull, raven, flowers, etc.)
What drew my attention to this wreath was the contrasting black and white sections of the wreath.  Because I wanted my alternating colored sections to be even (or close to it), I took the time to measure out sections and mark them on the foam wreath.  I first divided the wreath into 4 even sections.  Then I decided to I wanted there to be 3 smaller sections in each quadrant.  I drew lines on the foam with a sharpie marker and started wrapping the yarn. 

*Tip - when it got close to time for me to start wrapping the next color, I would get the starter end of the new yard and secure it underneath the old yarn as I wrapped it to the sharper line.  I would then cut a little extra of old yarn and secure it underneath the new yarn as I started wrapping it.  This kept me from having to knot the yarn and kept my wreath smooth.

Once this was complete, I started deciding where to put my pics.  I knew that I wanted the alternating black and white pattern to show so I went with a "Less is More" kinda placement. First in was the black leaves and pumpkins (these were all on one pick).  I fanned them out knowing other stuff was going on top of them.  I started out this project thinking I was going to use the Coffee Filter Flowers that I saw Teresa Collins make on My Craft Channel (click here to watch video).  I stamped the filters and they where well on their way to what I wanted them to be.  But I decided to spray them with orange mist and that made the already thin coffee filters very flimsy.  I didn't think they would stand up to the weather outside so I scrapped them and decided to go with some large fake orange peonies.  I love the rich color these bring to the wreath.  I then added the huge sparkly purple skull and I was giddy!

I like Halloween stuff that is erie but not over-the-top gorie or scary.  So the black and orange raven at the pick that I found was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.  I carried the purple to the top with the pumkins and added some more black leaves. 

I am very pleased with how my wreath came together.  My door is ready for the season - now I just need to get the rest of house there!

Check me out on Pinterest.  You can find me under Deltascrapper or Robin Clark.  I have lots of boards with great stuff like food, crafty goodness and funn stuff.  you can find the inspiration for this wreath on my Fall and Halloween board.  Until next time...