Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm gettin' ready for a stampede! Cricut Stampede that is!!!!

My Spring Break has started off well!  I just returned from a trip to Atlanta.  Now I am back and in full swing preparing for the Cricut Stampede this weekend.  Cricut Circle members make calling cards to trade at swarms.  I designed mine a couple of weeks ago and finally collected all the papers, cut everything out and put them together.

But I knew I wouldn't, or rather couldn't, stop there.  I decided to make a name plate and a placemat for my table at the swarm.  Here are the details.

  • Everyday Cricut (Circle Exclusive) - circle bug head, name plate base, "o" in Robin
  • 50 States - Texas
  • Sugar and Spice Lite - scaalloped square
  • George and Basic Shape - triangles
  • Base Camp - Name
Calling Card
Since my MB name and blog name is Delta Scrapper, I had to include that in my design in some kind of way.  So I created a delta symbol by layering two triangles, one slightly smaller than the other, on my Gypsy to make the symbol.  I also wanted to add a feminine base so I cut some scalloped squares to lay on top of the 3x3 base.  I added a small Texas and bug head to finish the design.

Here's a trick to make sure everything fits - I put a 3x3 square on my Gypsy to use as my card base template.  I then tested all the layers on this template to "see" how the card would look assembled.


I love the Cricut Everyday cart!  I was thumbing through the book when I saw the name plate.  I new I had to make one of these for my table at the Stampede.  I pretty much continued my theme from the calling cards on to this project.  I modified the card base a little by hiding the slits that would have held the blue card in place and making the bug head bigger.  I also slid the bug head around the Texas so it could hug it.  I then layered the delta on top and glued it on the edge of the card. 

I welded the letters of my name together on my Gypsy (it is 2 different fonts) and layered a green bug head on top of the white one.


Everything is bigger in Texas!  So I made a bigger version of all the elements in my projects for a placemat.  I laminated it so any glue or ink won't stick to it. 
I can't wait to display these items on my table at the Stampede.  Look for me and my goodies!!!  Later Crafty People!!!!!


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