Friday, May 27, 2011

You missed me?!

Hi ladies!  I have been gone for a few weeks and I have missed scrapping and sharing with all my creative peeps.  I have been promoted at school and that has kept me crazy busy.  I also had a big event my mom and I decorated for that took the rest of my time.  But since it was using another one of my creative gifts, I thought I would share the pics with you here.

You may or may not know that my mom and I used to have a party planning business.  The talents we used in this venture were truly gifts from God.  Neither one of us went to school or have had any formal training in this area.  We don't have that business anymore but will from time to time, do events for peopole or organizations that know us and our work or who we have worked for in the past.

Last weekend, my sorority put on it's annual cotillion.  We have done the decorations since the beginning and it is a huge job!  So here are some pics from the things we made.

This is the stage decorations.  This year's theme was butterflies.

One of the centerpieces with butterflies in it.  We had to make 48 of these!

The Ice Sculpture

Me working on the ice sculpture

Thanks for checking this out.  I will be back to crafting this weekend.  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!


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  1. y'all did such a beautiful job! Very lovely! you are so talented! Looking forward to your future projects! Smooch! -Stefani