Friday, April 8, 2011

Do You Yudu? I do!!!!

I won a Yudu at the Cricut Stampede. I was so excited because I have wanted one for so long and now I finally had one - for free!!!

So I decided to bust it out this week and take you all along for the ride while I learn how to use this new machine. Boy was it a ride! Yuduing and video taping don't always go hand in hand. This machine definitely works better when you can use both hands.

There are lots of tips, steps and mis-steps in the video that I share with you. So sit back and enjoy my version of "How to Yudu".

The site that I mention in the video that has Yudu compatable supplies is


  1. you are quickly becoming one of my favorite people! I loved this video and can't wait to see the next steps. Look forward to seeing the finish project later today!
    smooches - Stefani

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this. I cannot tell you how scared I am to use the Yudu I got for Christmas! Your video will help me. I cannot wait to see more Yudu videos from you as you become The Yudu Diva!!

  3. I don't yet, but I will be because I got one too!! Wahooo!!!