Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Planner Altered Composition Book

Hey guys! Here is another post from me this week (that's 3 this week!). This time it is an altered composition book that I made into a Holiday Planner. I have one of these that I have used for serveral years now but I was asked to teach a class on how to make one so This is what I came up with.

Here are the details:


  • Christmas Cheer - ornaments

I used some Bazzill cardstock to cover the front and back of the book. I created the title and tabs on my computer (contact me if you want the file). I inked the edges of the title for more definition. I also added a few pieces of bling above the H (you can never have enough bling!)

To cover up the seam where the cardstock came together, I added some crepe paper that I gathered together. I did mine on my Janome Sew Mini ahead of time but you can gather it as you glue it to save time. I then covered up my glue line with red ball fringe.

I went under the crepe paper and fringe and glued down ribbons to "hang" my ornaments. Tip: You might want to do this before you glue your fringe down. I had cut out several ornaments wtih my Cricut and placed them down to see which ones worked. Once I found the ones I wanted, I started to decorate them. I used MS microfine glitters, glue pens and Stickles. I really love the affect of using the different sized glue pens to get the different sized lines. It was so easy!

On this one, I used the chisel tip glue pen for the wide red stripe of glitter. Then I edged it with Stickles.

On this one, I used the wide tip glue pen and ran it sideways.

I love to cook, shop, etc. And I always have list, clippings and other things I am keeping up with. So each section of the planner has a pocket. The pocket is made from the leftovers from cutting the cover. No waste!

You can have as many sections/tabs as you want. Mine will have 5 when it is finished. This thing is a life saver and helps me keep some sort of sanity through the holidays. I hope you make one so you can keep all your stuff in one place too!



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